We provide Products, Services and Solutions in the area of Solar Thermal Renewable Energy and Sustainable HVAC. We are continually developing new solutions and applications to give the best value possible to our clients.

The use of Solar Thermal energy is the most efficient and cost effective form of Renewable Energy available today.

UK Logistics Base opens

We have finally opened our Logistical Base in Chelmsford, Essex,UK.

Chelmsford has the advantage of being central in location to our present and future operations, such as our Suppliers, Transportation providers, Container Ports, Stansted Airport and Central London.

NetGreen Solar Logistical Base

Rapid Resources to our Projects.

For our Model to work effectively it is a necessity to move our personnel and have sufficient stock, to resource our projects in Portugal.

Also excess stock will be directly marketed in Portugal, using our website www.aguaquentesolar.pt

Hotel programme in Portugal

When the solar energy system is designed with an air/water heat pump, a low cost solution is possible to provide DHW, Space Heating and with Swimming Pool heating during Summer, whatever the weather conditions.
Combine this solution with an innovative intelligent, interactive control strategy, working in conjunction with thermal storage and building occupancy, very low running costs are possible.
Every hotel we visit is provided with a concept design, demonstrating the cost and savings, for an individual solution that suits the hotel usage and occupation annual cycles. With one condition….the financial payback on the Investment is less than 4 years.

NetGreen Solar Installation - Sao Saturnino

First Hotel Installation starts in July with Convento São Saturnino
A unique small hotel remodelled on the foundation of a 12th century monastery, located in Azoia, Cascais, Portugal. One of the problems was the cost of heating of all the buildings that provides the individual character. The heavy mass walls provide the ideal application of using low temperature hot water, generated by solar and heat pump systems. The hotel will also gain from all year supply of solar heated domestic hot water and free Swimming Pool heating during the summer months.

Our Chosen Market - Portugal

Even though we are based in the UK we see our future expansion being in southern Europe, primarily because the changing weather patterns making a Solution based on only solar thermal energy an uncertain financial proposition, with long paybacks periods

NetGreen Solar in Portugal

This is an exciting time for us as we have developed several Solutions, over the last five years, which we are now starting to offer to potential clients.
During this time we have been working closely with our development partner in Portugal.
This market offers us opportunities due the number of hours of sunshine and the number of buildings without Solar Thermal collectors. The high cost of certain types of conventional energy, such as Propane and Electricity, allows us to offer solutions to reduce costs.

New promotional Web Site

To support our market development in Portugal, based on using solar energy to reduce costs for domestic houses and accommodation buildings. We have created a website aimed at getting specific messages to promote the use of our innovative Solutions.


From using specific examples of potential solutions, based on historical data and past installations, we are aiming to disseminate enough knowledge to potential users of the technology, to fully understand the potential for using solar thermal energy and save money at the same time.

Including the financing instruments we can provide, our clients are not required to invest any money to reduce their costs, in some instances to 50%.

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